Logistic Service

We facilitate the shipment of your products through air freight, sea freight or land transportation depending on your needs. We also provide legal services to ensure that necessary documents and certifications are obtained for importing and exporting food products.

OEM & Packinging

Our suppliers are hand-picked for their outstanding quality control, offering our clients a large variety of premium made-to-order OEM products. We offer a range of agricultural products and also innovative products that have been newly developed. Our high-quality food-packaging services are fully customizable to our customer’s needs. From a variety of types and sizes made available, we guarantee that your products will be well preserved with an optimal shelf life.


Our labelling services ensure that everything in your product is listed in the correct manner. Every country has their own requirement for  important information such as importer labels, nutrition facts, and ingredients description. Our experts will ensure that your products do not have to face the risk of failing regulatory compliances or reputational damage from product recalls.



Our 1,000 sq.m. warehouse has been certified by GMP which houses the latest warehouse storage technologies. This will ensure that our available storage space is safe, efficient and seamless for rapid movement of products.