About Us

Thaimee Co., Ltd. is a complete agency with expertise in wholesale and retail services for food products manufactured in South East Asia, primarily Thailand. As a recognized and leading trader in Thailand’s food industrial market for over 30 years, we have been exporting high-quality food products to more than 20 countries around the globe. We are able to build and maintain a solid customer base all around. From OEM and labelling services to packaging and logistics, Thai Mee offers more than just food. We ensure that our products exceed the expectations of customers, while also making sure our goods are delivered safely and meeting the standards of where our products are sold.

We Emphasized On

  • Foods Export and Import Services - Our logistics services handle a range of products grown and manufactured in both Thailand and abroad, providing exposure to a very wide food market in Asia.
  • High Quality Products - We source our products from trusted suppliers with sustainable agricultural practices, to ensure that our clients are provided with the best produce Thailand has to offer.
  • One-Stop-Service - We operate as a full-fledged service agency. We provide our clients with manufacturing, logistics and distribution solutions from start to finish.
  • A Global Network - We work with both suppliers and customers from over 20 countries across the world. The largest food markets for our exports are China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.


We make sure that the finest food products in Southeast Asia are accessible anywhere in the world. We operate with an ethical and sustainable business model to produce innovative products in a rapidly-changing environment. Our complete one-stop-service agency caters to all of our customer’s needs, making us a leading food supplier and distributor of Southeast Asia. 


Thaimee strives to become a globally recognized agency for its premium food products. Thaimee’s complete agency in logistical and food-manufacturing services aim to facilitate various businesses across Asia. Thaimee envisages to become a leader and a representative of Southeast Asia’s agriculture industry. We value the world, and we aim to be environmentally cautious at all times for a sustainable future for all.